Something s rotten in hondo

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Something’s Rotten in Hondo

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Something’s Rotten in Hondo The decision makers in the “Something’s Rotten in Hondo” are George the Plant Manager and Bill George’s boss.

The Stakeholders are George, George’s family, the town of Hondo, Environmental Protection Agency, all who are affected by the plants pollution, the Mexican town, and the environment.

Considering Stakeholders in Relocating Manufacturing Plants

Transcript of Somethings Rotten in Hondo. Summary The plant employed several hundred workers, which was a substantial portion of the population of Hondo, where the plant is.

Read "Something's Rotten in Hondo." Prepare an analysis answering the questions on the following page: Introduction. Who are the stakeholders in this case? What are the interests of the stakeholders?

Legal Analysis. Do any of the environmental laws from the eGuide apply to this case? Something’s Rotten in Hondo (The Environment) George had moved from El Paso, Texas to Hondo, Texas with his family four years ago to assume the roll of the manager at Ardnak Plastic Inc.

The stakeholders are George the plant manager, Bill, George’s supervisor, George’s family, the town of Hondo, the Mexican town, the Environmental Protection Agency, anyone affected by the release of pollutants, and the environment.

Something Rotten In Hondo Something s rotten in hondo
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