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Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer

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An Executive Director’s Primer on Financial Management

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Role of Management Accountant, Controller and Treasurer

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Corporate Finance Executive Resume

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Finance Leadership & Development

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tax authorities, funding bodies etc). The financial manger, at this juncture, will take a decision about the time when the funds from outside sources are needed, the source from which they are to be received, how long they will be needed an from what source they will be repaid.

The treasurer or finance committee chair does not always have to be a professional “numbers” person but good judgment, logic, curiosity, and a commitment to accountability and the long-term financial stability of the organization are vital traits. The major function of the Treasury Division is to ensure that proper accounting can be given to Parliament.

This will therefore include the provision of financial accounting services and systems and the production of the Consolidated Accounts of Trinidad and Tobago.

This is an outstanding opportunity for a finance executive with operational experience and a proven track record of creative problem-solving and change management to join in a. Stacey will provide leadership and support in overseeing corporate accounting including treasury functions, financial transactions, internal control and audit procedures and senior leadership and board reporting.

Connie Glaves - Executive Director, Finance.

Office of the Executive Vice President Functions of finance executive finance treasurer
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